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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in St. Louis MO

At Affordable Bankruptcy, we can help you figure out if you are eligible to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in St. Louis, MO. By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in St. Louis, you may be able to keep many of your assets while stopping the harassing phone calls and letters from debt collectors.  
When you contact our office for a free Chapter 13 bankruptcy consultation, we can help you determine if this course of action is right for you. Based on your circumstances, you may end up paying just a few cents for every dollar of credit card debt, medical bills, and other dischargeable obligations.
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An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Louis

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also called a wage earners plan, is for individuals who have regular income. In St. Louis, Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors propose a repayment plan where priority or secured creditors are paid in accordance with a confirmed plan. As long as all payments are made, the debtor can remain under the protection of bankruptcy court. Payments are made directly to a trustee, who disburses the money to abide with the confirmed plan.
During Chapter 13 bankruptcy in St. Louis, a court will consider your income, debt, and your financial assets to calculate your minimum payments. Depending on your specific circumstances and your debts, you may be required to pay in full, pay a partial portion, or not pay at all on any given number of your debts.

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To learn more, contact Affordable Bankruptcy to speak with our experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in St. Louis today. Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can show you how to stop creditor harassment and lift the weight of debt off your shoulders!

At Affordable Bankruptcy, our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis, MO provides manageable solutions for debt relief. Contact us today to schedule
your free consultation! We serve clients throughout St. Louis, Florissant, Richmond Heights, Kirkwood, Arnold, Festus, Maplewood, and Ferguson, MO.